A full service bow shop




Though I specialize in the creation of custom-crafted bows, the shop does offer a wide selection of violin, viola, cello and bass bows by various makers at a variety of price points. My inventory is constantly changing, though bows by Hill and Sons, Sartory, Ouchard, as well as contemporary makers are usually in the shop. I make sure all of these consignment bows are in fine shape and play well before I accept them in my inventory.  The shop also offers fine rosins and bow cases for purchase.


Rehair Services

We take great care to source our hair. When we rehair your bow, we will carefully examine the hair and cull any hair that does not meet our standards.  The shop has a variety of bow hair to choose from for different uses; please feel free to consult with us about the differences.  

Service is important to us. When you choose our shop for your rehair we will examine your bow, note any areas of concern, and adjustments can be made per your consultation.  The bow will be returned to you cleaned and polished.

Rehairs are by appointment only and we are usually booked days in advance.

Professional rehair by Darrell Hanks

$80 for violin, viola & cello

$95 for bass


Basic rehair by Rebecca Loomis $55                     *Perfect for amateurs and students


Repair & Restoration

We offer all levels of repair and restoration including but not limited to:

Optimizing balance and weight through different choices of wrappings

Tip replacements in faux ivory, mastodon ivory, silver and titanium

Bow straightening and camber corrections

Broken head repair

Various frog and stick repairs including grafts, bushings and eyelet and screw replacement.

Custom handmade replacement frog 

Custom handmade replacement button


 Cellist Alban Gerhardt stopped by the shop for a rehair and a conversation about his Kittel bow.

Cellist Alban Gerhardt stopped by the shop for a rehair and a conversation about his Kittel bow.