The job of a bow maker is to create a tool which helps a musician achieve their unique artistic goals. As a professional maker of fine bows for the stringed instrument family, I believe bows are the most intimate tool the player uses.  It is an essential part of their artistic and musical intention‚Ķ like the breath of a singer or the touch of a pianist. 

My passion is to create bows that enhance the sound of the instrument and help the musician play comfortably and easily, giving a sense of secure connection from the frog to the head. The bow should promote a relaxed bowing arm. Spiccato and sautille strokes should have a clean and clear sound with easy controllability.

Most of my work is creating custom bows for individual musicians. I make bows in a collaborative process, discussing with the musician details such as sound, weight, responsiveness, level of suppleness, and balance while keeping in mind details of  their instrument such as its resonance and responsiveness. 

The choice of wood will dictate the overall essence of the bow and must be chosen carefully. The art of the bow maker will be to deduce the proper wood, graduation and camber that will be unique for the intended musician. 

I make my bows by hand using nothing more than knives, planes and files. It provides me with an intimacy with the wood that informs me of the complex decisions that turn wood, metal, and hair into musical intention.

I began making bows in 1997 and became influenced by the bow makers of Port Townsend.  Robert Morrow and Ole Kanestrom have generously provided me with instruction in the craft while Charles Espey and Paul Siefried have given me invaluable guidance and inspiration. 

Feel free to call and talk with me.  I am looking forward to meeting you.